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Location:Toronto, Canada
I suck at writing these things, I just absolutely loath writing about myself. So below are some quotes and lyrics that I feel a strong connection to, and which generally speak to my feelings, philosophy, inner-self and all that junk.

“Cause when I look around, I think this, this is good enough And I try to laugh at whatever life brings/Cause when I look down I just miss all the good stuff/When I look up I just trip over things”- Ani DiFranco

“If you go to a big city, and a university is a big city,you are bound to run into Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Stay home, stay home! In other words: No matter what a young person thinks he or she is really hot stuff at doing, he or she is sooner or later going to run into somebody in the same field who will cut him or her a new asshole, so to speak.”- Kurt Vonnegut, Time Quake

I am tired, I am weary I could sleep for a thousand years A thousand dreams that would awake me Different colors made of tears. - Velvet Underground

Without change, something sleeps inside of us and seldom awakens, change jars something deep within, allowing us to grow. The sleeper must awaken.” - Duke Leto Atriedes

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