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I have no idea if anyone is still even around on here, but I've intensely missed LJ so I'm going to shout into the void and see if anyone answers lol

Dominion Season 2: What could have been

This show is killing me, man. Season 1 really surprised me by being unexpectedly decent and unpredictable. It was by no means a flawless season, but despite myself I got hooked on the show … and then Season 2 started *le sigh*

I’ve already talked about the bullshit treatment of Uriel’s character, the dumping of LGBT characters, and the abysmal treatment of female characters, but the show keeps fucking up so this week I have something new to talk about … bad story telling (with a particular focus on Julian/New Delphi).

Julian/New Delphi being such a big focus this season has come to bug me because so much time is being devoted to a city that was a footnote in season 1, when a city and a character that we became invested in season 1 has been shoved aside to make room Julian/New Delphi.

The screen time devoted to this new character and city could have, and should have been spent on the most neglected series regular from the first season, Arika. What makes the situation even more galling is that, given what information we have about Arika/Helena, the current Julian story arc would have fit perfectly with information (and hints) that we were given about Arika in season 1.

Why do I say that? Let me explain. )

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