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Kristanna Loken is dating a chick! Yay!
Srsly, after reading that interview *girl!crush reactivated* So much so that I'll probably watch BloodRayne 3: Warhammer. *sigh* The things I'll do for Lokinator. The Legend of Awesomous Maximus, I'm not going near though. No way, no how.

Also, pg. 2, question 1is totally a reference to Michelle Rodriguez. Y/Y?

Ella kisses a hot British Chick on Melrose Place!  )

And now ...

Here's a grungy Tabrett Bethell looking adorable! )

Hmm, it's been a good evening for GoGA. Way to go World, way to go ;)
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I don't know who would win in a fight between Lokinator and Caminator, but considering how good they look together I think I'd rather just have a who'd be on top debate...

In order to answer this question I have developed my own Turk, only it's mission is to calculate hotness instead of play chess. 

The answer was:

Which means "Who's effing cares, whoever's on top it'll be the hottest thing you've ever seen!" for those of you who don't speak binary.

*give puppy-dog eyes to FOX*  Can the T-X please have a guest spot on the show?  Please?  Pretty please with a cherry on top?
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SCI FI Channel is pulling the plug on "Painkiller Jane," says The Hollywood Reporter.

The action-hero series starring Kristanna Loken is wrapping production on its 22-episode first-season order, which will run as planned. Sixteen episodes have aired so far, with the season/series finale slated for Sept. 21

Based on the comic book of the same name, "Jane" centers on top DEA agent Jane Vasco (Loken), a woman with regenerative powers who joins a covert government agency that hunts down "neuros," people with neurological powers.

The last episode that aired was an "it's all a dream episode" as well as a clip show. *shakes head* It's the merciful thing to do now, for the viewers (all 5 of us left) AND everyone involved with the show. Seriously, this is like the first cancellation I'm relieved by.

I'll miss seeing Kristanna every week, but hopefully she'll get another show for next season. And I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready to see her NOT playing a superhero (unless Sarah Connor Chronicles needs TWO Terminatrix's. Then Kristanna could be the evil hate!sex bot and Summer could be the Schoompy!Snuggle!bot who gets into sexy fights to save Sarah from Kristanna).

Let's hope for a a doctor, a lawyer or a cop show (this includes forsenic/crime scene investigation shows)... or if it's a mid-season replacement show based on this years theme she might end up playing an alien, a vampire, a various other type of immortal or a hapless fool who finds herself in a position of great importance. Mostly though, I hope she can joins "Women's Murder Club" with Angie Harmon so I can go ahead and swoon from the overpowering amount of sexy.
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So, I've just caught up on the most recent episodes of the show, and while they have been better written than previous outings, with the exception of Jimmy Palmiotti's episode, they've left a bad taste in my mouth. And yes, it goes beyond the Mo is dead and there hasn't been a mention of her. It goes to one of the fundamental parts of the show, the teams mission which I'm beyond disillusioned with and am downright disgusted by. "The Amazing Howie" (episode 14) and "The Healer" (episode 15) highlight exactly what is wrong with the teams mission, and they show that the members of team, or at least Riley and Jane, KNOW that mission sucks but they go along with it anyway. But I'll comment on those in detail when I get to those episodes.

Thoughts on 1x13 - 1x15 behind the cut )

I'm honestly at the point right now, where I want the neuros to win. To me they've shown very few neuros who are more disgusting and horrible than the 'heroes' of the show. And Team McBride isn't even fun to hate. They're just self-righteous, short-sighted, morally repulsive assholes. I mean, you all know that I love me a well-developed well-written bad guy (*waves at Irina Derevko, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sylar, Renfro, Helena Cain, Callisto, and a ton of others), but Team McBride is the scum of the earth.

And more than odd pacing, bad writing, and badly developed arcs, you have a real problem with a series, when viewers start thinking of the heroes of the show as the scum of the earth.

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So...I haven't watched 1x12 yet, but because I like to prepare myself for the horror that is to come I usually check TWoP for comments before viewing the episode so I know whether to lower my expectations or keep them at a middling level of expectation.

So there I was reading the comments, and apparently spoiler )

Can anyone confirm this? Cause if so I don't know if I'll bother with the episode or the show anymore. It's just the last straw. Okay, I'll probably watch the episode because I'm a glutton for punishment, but it's like the producers are trying to do everything in their power to make me loath this show.

Slightly spoilerific ramble )

Anyway, if anyone knows if that's true for sure, lemme know so I can prepare myself ... TO NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN!


Why Lokinator? Why? [fierce whisper]I trusted you![/fw]
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Unbelievable, I just watched a decent episode of PKJ. I really liked that episode actually, and because I was thirsty and in need of tasty beverage, I was actually watching away from the screen when the kiss happened, so the visual of that has in no way marred my opinion of the episode. Yatta!

“I’ve been to Mo’s place plenty of times.” Aww, thanks for that writers. That was a nice way to start off the episode, especially since it was followed by Jane talking about having to scrub herself with disinfectant after meeting with Connor. Of course it means nothing because the voice-overs on this show are just a tool to waste time and allow viewers to enjoy the low, raspy tones of Lokinator, but it was fun.

more 'ghosts in the machine' commentary behind cut )

I liked last weeks episode because of the GOGA, but honestly, this is probably the best episode of the series yet. Let’s hope this is a sign that they found their sea legs, and the episodes will be at least tolerable from here on out.
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Fairly decent episode, mostly due to strong supporting players this time around. But of course because it's PKJ there were things that I strongly hated as well.

The Good:

1. The FoTW was pretty good this episode. Meghan Ory was really good as Wanda. Was she chewing the scenery a bit at the beginning? Yes. But she totally needed to. Wanda's gleeful bitchery entertained me from the moment she showed up on screen. "Sebastian designs for girls with single digit BMI's. You're just to healthy *double kiss*" Oh, Wanda. Plus she totally brought the subtext with Jane, and despite how evil her character was she made me feel some sympathy for her, and kind of wanted to ship her and Jane even though it's totally messed up (whatevah, whatevah, someone should have told Loken not to kiss back!)

Jane: You're a MONSTER!
Wanda: No. Darling. *pause* I'm a model!

Ory actually made that line kickass. And having just typed it and seeing how horrible it is on paper (well, screen I guess) I'm even more impressed by how her delivery rocked it.

Plus, I'll love Wanda forever for the following exchange.

Wanda: (gently petting Jane's as she leans over her while Jane is tied to the bed) I can make this arrangement very nice for you. Clothes, money, jewelery (caresses Jane's face)... anything you want. (Runs fingers between Jane's breasts) Like I said, in time you can get used to anything you want, and excuse the ways in which you get them.

Jane: (staring into Wanda's eyes) Alright. Uncuff me. (Lips pouting suggestively) And let me show you what I can give you.

Wanda: (licks her lips)

Really it says something about this show that I liked Wanda more than pretty much all of the main cast, and would rather ship with a narsicisstic, vampiric killer than any of the main characters.

2. Jane actually showed an interest in her powers and what it means for her. For someone who just discovered she has superpowers Jane has been awfully apathetic towards investigating possibilities, and downright idiotic to not have made a stronger connection between the people she's investigating and herself. She redeemed herself a little this episode by actively testing her abilities, and telling Mohinder to stick it when he was all like "we don't know for SURE" about her being a neuro.

3. I liked the title. Though it would have been better if they'd actually named the character Lauren Gray instead of Wanda (which makes me think of the Scarlet Witch ... who is cool)

More Portraits of Lauren Gray commentary behind the cut - SPOILERS )
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Once again, not the REAL title of the episode, but it fits so much better.

OMG, I hate this show so much. It sucks soooooo bad. I can barely accept the fact that I just watched something so completely horrible.

I *sputters* how could they do just about everything wrong?

Jane is a fucking moron! My god, I couldn't stand Jane this episode. Her bright idea for getting the charges dropped, "What if I just lie and say that Connor and I were at Starbucks drinking Frappacino's? Even though police officers arrested him coming out of the house and reporters were there within minutes to take photos and put Connor's face on the news, it's my word against theirs!"!?!?!?! The fuck? Even if numerous police officers hadn't seen Connor leave the house why would anybody take her word over theirs? Who does she think she is, Jesus? Egomanical idiot! She's an ex-DEA agent who was brought up on charges on drug possession and according to current records is likely unemployed and is friends with the defendant, yeah Jane, they'd totally take your word. UGH!

More 'Trial by Fire' commentary behind the cut )

Honestly, I think this might be the worst episode ever. *shudders*
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By PKJ standards a very good episode. Definately an improvement over last week, which I loathed.

I've been complaining about the writers inability to present a believable friendship between Jane and Mo, but they did a much better job this week. I mean I was amazed to see them hanging out in their spare time (eveen if they had to throw Riley in there), they smiled at each other like they actually enjoyed each others presence, Jane wanted Mo to be there with her in the hospital after the bone marrow extraction, Baumgardner identified Mo as the person Jane trusted most, and they made some inside joke references to Jane and Mo being at the academy together (though I must say I think its rather unlikely they would have gone to the academy together and been friends and then been assigned as partners after graduation). Hell, there were even some looks that could be considered subtextual.

More 'Friendly Fire' commentary behind the cut )

That being said, one of the least painful PKJ's to date.
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Okay, that's not really the title of the episode, it's actually called "Higher Court", but I think mine is more appropriate because Jane is a big 'ol ho in the episode, and no, it's not with Maureen. If that was the case, I would have called it "Best Episode Ever".

First of all, there WAS subtext this episode ... between McBride and TheUglyOne. How, how, how does a show starring Kristanna Loken and someone with Maureen's haircut not have any les!yay? Like it's gotta be a deliberate attempt at this point, because you'd think that accidentally they would have some moments of chemistry, like the director cuts to Jane smiling and the editing makes it look like she's smiling at Mo or SOMETHING! Unbelievable.

Higher Court commentary ... contain spoilers )

Um, the good ... the good ... ah ... did I already mention that Kristanna Loken is very pretty? Oh, oh, I know, that last shot of Jane looking out the car window and then slowly retracting her head until we just saw the black exterior of the car while she was voice-overing about dark secrets looked really cool. The shot of her through the window of the subway car as she was getting treated was also really nice. So, ah, yeah.
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The Sci Fi channel has picked up Painkiller Jane for a second season, according to my sources. Yeah, I don't really understand it, either, but I'm happy for Kristanna, and at least we'll have an out actress on cable TV awhile longer. - afterellen.com

This really, really makes me wish that Blade had been on the SciFi Channel because we totally would have gotten like 10 seasons of it *cries*

Still, I'll admit I'm happy about this. I really enjoy looking at Kristanna and listening to her smoky growl, so I'll keep watching, and cringing, and murmuring "preeeetty".
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Best episode of the series yet. Which is to say that on a scale of 1-10 is was about a 6, in the good range. But that's better, the score keeps going up so hopefully on day it will level out at a 7.5/8-ish range of good (I'm not greedy, I don't need it to be Heroes or Battlestar Galactica).


First of all, I liked that this episode had a large focus on Jane. The show is named after Jane, Kristanna Loken is the strongest, most charismatic member of the cast (not to mention the most photogenic) and Jane is the best developed, most non-annoying member of the cast so far so the episodes really SHOULD focus on her.

The boyfriend subplot kind of came out of nowhere (but SciFi is airing the episodes out of order, I think this was shot 7th, so we probably missed his introduction), but it was brief, and Kristanna was smiling left, right and center and being cute which made it much less cringeworthy than I would have anticipated.

Jane was smart. It's really already been established that Jane is the only member of the team that has any higher brian function, but this episode she wasn't smart in a "I'm gonna do something that is just common sense, though that seems to be above the mental abilities of my teammates", she actually did something that was creative, and that I hadn't anticipated her doing 30 minutes into the episode. Actually, I probably should have anticipated it, but I was watching at 2 in the morning, and I was interested enough in what was happening on screen that I wasn't trying to re-write the episode.

Also, on a completely shallow note, Kristanna looked super-gorgeous this episode. There were so many shot were I reached out my hand towards the computer screen and whispered "pretty". So ridiculously good-looking!

More PKJ - 1x04 'Catch Me if You Can' comments behind the cut )

Anyway, definately the best episode yet, and hopefully it will continue to get better. Though it does piss me off that they are airing the episodes out of order. Seriously, what is wrong with SciFi?
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And once again, the show continues to get better. It's not quite genuinely good yet, but it's improving and I have hope that one day I might be able to admit that I watch "Painkiller Jane" out loud.

One thing I wish the show would do is definitively state when the show takes place. We've gotten some half-assed references to it taking place in the future (ex. Jane mentioning that it was 2007 in those flashbacks when she was a kid, and this episode her voice-over on the general crapifiction of everything indicating that they're in some semi-dystopian future), but then the show as has references to "Brangelina" and all of the technology pretty much seems like what we have today only dirtier.

I know the "Dark Angel" references will probably get old really quickly, but I loved that we got a nice overview of the world that they were living in, how it happened, and an actual date (2019) in the first half of the pilot episode. If a show sets up a mythology immediately then they at least have a guideline to follow and at least you get some kind of continuity. Like I'm sorry, if the year for PKJ really is 2027, Jane wanting a threesome with a 60-something Pitt and a 50-something Jolie is ... well maybe a fetish we didn't need to learn about our main character so early on.

Seriously, give us some background information on the world that these people are living in and concretely establish a date so that you can avoid anachronistic references like Brangelina or at least qualify them.

More on episode behind the cut )

Overall, some character development, better writing, a slightly interesting bad guy, moral ambiguity and a splash of humor (ex. Jane asking for a clothes budget) = a step in the right direction.
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Yeah, a Lokinator interview with afterellen.com! Kristanna discusses Painkiller Jane, the L Word, Michelle Rodriguez, being an out actress, playing superheroes and much more ...

Check out the interview for the answers to the following questions and more!

AE: I had a chance to watch the first two episodes, and I have to say there already seems to be something of a queer subtext developing between Jane and her friend Maureen, another agent. I was wondering if this was intentional.

AE: I wanted to ask you about the interview you did with The Advocate a few months ago. What kind of reaction did you get to that interview?

AE: Some of those scenes that you shot with Kate Moennig seemed like they might be really uncomfortable physically, like the car scene. Was that fun to do or was it really awkward?

AE: Oh, OK. How did you feel about your performance in BloodRayne?

AE: What is the status of your relationship with Michelle Rodriguez now?

*dreamy sigh* Oh Lokinator how I dig thee! As usually an insightful, classy, humorous, and charming interview from the everyone's favorite Norwegian-Amazon-Equestrian-Farm-Goddess. Stay gold, Kristanna, stay gold!

1 more day until Painkiller Jane! 1 more day until Painkiller Jane! 1 more day until Painkiller Jane! 1 more day until Painkiller Jane!

Edited: because I just found a link to another Kristanna interview on Painkiller Jane here.
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Because Jane Vasko, Lokinator's character on Painkiller Jane is pretty much indestructible like Hayden Panettiere's character, Claire, on Heroes, a lot of comparisons have been made between the two shows - just like everyone was all like "she's a female Wolverine" when Heroes premiered. X-23 would so pwn Claire like it was her birthday though, so she's like a diet coke female Wolverine.

Also, because SciFi is part of the NBC Universal family there have been rumblings about a crossover between the shows, which led to the following exchange:

"You might be looking at great crossover possibilities," a TV critic said to Painkiller Jane star Kristanna Loken during her appearance at the press tour. "I mean, I can just see you and the cheerleader whacking the crap out of each other for hours at a time."

"She wouldn't stand a chance," replied Loken, fixing him with a cold glare.

LOL! Awww, I love you Lokinator. You can fix me with a cold glare any time

*makes super sexy clawing motion*

Also, considering that Hayden is like 5'1 (though cute as a button), I'm inclined to agree.
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Yay! After bemoaning the lack of Lokinator news I just came across a new Painkiller Jane article.

Kristanna Loken: From `Terminator' to `Painkiller' ... behind cut )

*dreamy sigh*

It so totally needs to be April 13th already (even though Global TV likes to frak with me and won't play the pilot episode until April 21st! Frak you Global, frak you and yo mamma because I have my ways, I will see the pilot by April 14th, if I have to cut someone!)

(thinks back to article) *"I was definitely a farm girl, loved to climb trees and sit and eat cherries and ride horses ... I always loved to be barefoot and outdoors..."*

*dreamy sigh*

April 13th, April 13th, April 13th, April 13th, April 13th, April 13th, April 13th, April 13th, April 13th!
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So, there's been a slump in Kristanna news lately, no more Painkiller Jane promo pics or trailers, and like 3 minutes of screen time on the TLW each week *waaaah* But once again Youtube has come in handy and I found some new Kristanna clips I hadn't seen before.

I bring you ... Lokinator vs. Superman ... Or, more accurately Lokinator does Superman (kinda)...

Kristanna plays Penny "Barnabeedian" Barns, a woman obsessed with Superman who develops a computer program to try and determine the identity of the Man of Steel. When her computer program hits on a 97% match, Penny is convinced that she has discovered the identity of her true love and immediately sets out to meet ... Jimmy Olson, the Man of Steel. Hilarity ensues.

Kristanna Loken on Superman 1 of 2 )

Kristanna Loken on Superman 2 of 2 )

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Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you ... Blu Cantrell's "The Cha Cha"

This video consists solely of scantily clad women, dancing with each other, almost kissing, crawling on a stage while being clawed at by other sweaty women, while gyrating and shaking their bons bons at Blu's command. There's even a shot of Blu being dragged towards another woman by her gold chain and brief lip contact.

It's pretty much what my imaginary harem would be like. Actually it's exactly what my imaginary harem would be like, only Kristanna Loken, Famke Janssen, Rhona Mitra, Bridget Moynahan, Jessica Biel, Gina Torres, Ali Larter, Morena Baccarin, Rie Rasmussen and Monica Bellucci would also be present. And the 'almost' before kissing would be replaced with 'tongue'.

[Error: unknown template video]

I can't really believe that this video was even made, I mean its so incredibly gay ... and awesome ... and I totally forgive Blu for that picture with the crazy vampire eyes, and for pretending to date Kyle XY.
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So I'd seen many stills of Kristanna from this video and never knew what movie/show the images came from, but now I do, and cheesy as the video is it is always full of gorgeous Kristanna shots, and the song is listenable so you won't even have to suffer for your Loken gazing.

Edited to delete video. Kristanna is no longer a fan of this dude, and what Kristanna wants, Kristanna gets. So [soup nazi]no more video for anyone![/sn]

Also, just found this genuis video dedicated to the insane hotness of Kristanna and Brad Pitt. The premise of the video seems to be the love story between Achilles from "Troy" and Bruhild from "Dark Kingdom", but mostly its just full of shots of Kristanna and Brad Pitt looking really hot and staring off into the distance. It's awesome.

Pretty people looking pretty )

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