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Because ocular proof of these two existing in the same area is pretty much the same as proof of them gettin' it on, isn't it?

(click pics to embiggen)

Also, these four need to make a movie together because they are all relevant to my pants being happy interests.
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So, it seems that Paramount won't be picking up Megan Fox's option on Transformers 3 ... (read more)

Meganificent Fox is too good for this shit anyway!  Now Megan can concentrate on making movies that don't suck (which Transformers 2 did, hardcore).

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So there's pretty much no force in the world that could stop me from seeing this movie.

Neil Marshall, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Fassbender, Romans, Imogen Poots (yeah, I saw you Poots!) and hot badass painted females warriors ... *loins*  *throbbing*

God, I love Neil Marshall (and his love for completely awesome and hardcore female characters).

click for pics of olga looking badass )

And since I never miss an opportunity to pimp Megan Fox ... here's Megan Fox being photographic viagra in the New "W" Magazine (and no I didn't come up with that, it's the actual headline!)  Stay classy dudes, stay classy.
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Megan Fox for Armani

The Last Airbender *New Trailer* )

Also, I saw Agora with Rachel Weisz last night. It was amazing, wonderful, beautiful, heart-breaking and captivating.  I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Information, pictures, and download links behind the cut ... )

And finally, thank goodness it's a long weekend!  I need sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.
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I will admit, I had my doubts about this movie with all the wank going on about the casting and whatnot, but after seeing this:

I want to go to there.


That little boy is badass!  I mean, shiiiiiiiit!  I would love to offer something more insightful, but whenever I think about this trailer I just start squeeing and stand up and pretend I'm bending things in my room, because I want to live in this trailer.

Legend of the Seeker casting WIN! )

In other news, I'm so happy to have this sexy beast on my television screen every week again!  Oh, Polly Walker, I didn't realize how much I'd missed you being awesome, and scheming and sexy until you came back to me.

And the Oscar goes to ... Megan Fox! )

I'm reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series now, and I'm really enjoying the books.  They're fun, fast reads, and I love Greek Mythology so it's a blast reading about all of the Gods/Goddesses, the Titans and all of the mythological creatures.  It just disturbs me that in the books the kids are like 12/13 years old, but in the movie they look like this!

Cause Annabeth Chase (above) is kickass in the books, and because I saw pictures of Alexandra Daddario before I started reading the books, I picture her in my mind as Annabeth ... and consequently I want Annabeth femslash.  However,  i r groced out because any fanfic out there now would be about the books and I don't want to be reading stories with kissing about 12 year olds.

Therefore, I need the movie to come out nao so that people will start writing movie fic, where the actors are delightfully legal (and characters who are around 16-17 years old), so that I can ship Annabeth/Clarisse and Annabeth/Thalia without grossing myself out.
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Megan Fox being all sexy and shit! Glory, glory hallelujah! )

And now, to continue the theme of "gay" and "hot chicks" you simply must watch the French Chloe trailer because Amanada's Seyfried's breats and Julianne Moore touching them CANNOT BE DENIED!  *wants this movie nao*

Also, while I'm updating ... FUCK YOU FOX!  Fringe confused the hell out of me last night!  Olivia was sexy as hell, as usual, but I was like, "What the actual fuck?" for the entire episode.  I was coming up with all sorts of theories for why Charlie was walking around, and I had legit convinced myself that I was watching an episode of Fringe that was taking place in an alternate universe, and then after I learned it was an unaired Season 1 episode they just decided to toss in there to make me loathe the network again (it's like they were afraid my hatred for canceling TSCC and Dollhouse was wearing off or something, which is wasn't!  I have years almost a decade of canceled shows to hate you for FOX, I will never forgive OR forget!!!)
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Eric's sidekick Pam on "True Blood" is getting a promotion

Thank you sweet baby Jesus! Final-fucking-ly! Fuck. Yes. Moar Pam, bitches! There are tears in my eyes! I hate you for making me wait for so long for this glorious moment Allan Ball - seriously this fierce vampire bitch was criminally underused in the second season - but I love you for finally making it happen!

Thank god that when the second season of Legend of the Seeker ends, I will have a badass, snarky blonde series regular to fill the void Cara no longer being on my television screen every week will leave.

I know ya'll have missed her, so this post will contain MEGAN 'MOUNTIAN OX' FOX!!!
Her Hottness, Mistress Megan ... enter if you think you can handle the FIERCE! )

Shallow Viewers Press Play
It's even hotter if you think of it as a Mord'Sith recruitment video.

The Moth Diaries
Based on this: The book is told through the diary of a young teen girl in a private school who is obsessed with her classmate Lucy, and Lucy's possible vampire roommate Ernessa. And this: a female-centric vampire film. I will watch this movie and read the book! Plus, I think Lily Cole will make for a pretty awesome (possible) vampire.

And I think that's enough rambling for now!
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Saw FAME last night.

Thoughts on FAME 'I'm gonna live forever' ... behind the cut )

Finally saw MEGAN FOX on SNL ... thoughts behind the cut )


Thoughts on Merlin - 2x02 - The Once and Future Queen )

Also, after a dream I had last night, I now find Drew Barrymore really, really ridiculously sexy ... which has never happened before.   I now want her and Ellen Page to be doing it IRL even more now! Seriously, they are both cute as buttons and they appeal to my older woman/younger fetish love so much - and yes, I know Drew isn't really old, but she's 12 years older than Ellen which is enough!

edited for thoughts on Megan Fox on SNL
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(click image for full size)


And now that I've got your attention.  I've finished a Jennifer's Body fic, and I was wondering if anyone would like to beta for me?  Odd as it might sound, all of the sexin' is blurring together for me and my brain is not registering things any more.

Now, I must get back to reading Cracks.

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Jennifer's Body was totes worth the wait!

The movie is legit good.  Aside from being a Megan Fox fan!girl, and being thrilled by the fact that Megan can act, the movie is just a blast!

And ... and .... and ... Megan Fox can act!  I'm so proud of my, bb.  She creeped me out (Holy fuck, who knew eating a chicken from the fridge could be so freaky!), made me laugh out loud (a lot), gave me a wettie, and managed to break my heart (depressed!Jennifer made me want to hug her with the same powerful intensity that sad!Ivy makes me want to hug her). 

Megan stole the show for me.  Amanda was awesome (as she always is), but the movie was the Megan Show for me.  She was luminous on screen, she perfected bratty charm, and she fucking killed the one liners (even ones that probably shouldn't have really worked like the, 'Do you have a tampon?' bit).  Every time Jennifer was on screen it was impossible to look away from her.

And now to talk about what everyone on my f-list is really interested in, lol.  The Needy/Jennifer make-out scene is one of the hottest I can recall seeing.  I don't know if it was how intimately the scene was framed with the close-ups on their lips, or if it was the way Needy collapsed on top of Jennifer so eagerly when she realized that she had been given an invitation or what, but that scene = JIMP.  Like, major JIMP-age.

Needy/Jennifer is totally my new ship of pain.  They were so beautiful together and so tragic.  DAMN YOU ADAM BRODY! (AND YOUR AWESOME HAIR AND GUY-LINER).

I'm gonna stop talking now because anything else would just be random sounds of happiness.  My love for this movie is still to fresh to really be coherent right now.
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Ugh.  I'm back to work now.  Which means busy and tired.  My two months of leisure got me into HORRIBLE sleeping patterns, and I am now suffering because of it. 

Classes are going well so far, though it's really hard to gauge what the kids are going to be like based on the first day.  They are always so polite and quiet on the first day.  Hopefully they'll stay that way once they get used to me!  I'm pretty sure the grade nines will remain absolutely precious, and that makes me happy.

Now, it's time to relax with fun things, so I give you ... the official SEASON TWO "MERLIN" TRAILER

I cannot wait for this shit to start up again.  Srsly.  Also, Angel Coulby is looking crazy gorgeous as Gwen this year.

Diablo Cody says that Megan Fox & Amanda Seyfried’s Lesbian Kiss is Profound and Meaningful )

If it's not profound and meaningful, Diablo Cody better watch her back!  If you're gonna be a stunt kiss in fine, but you better own up to it being a stunt kiss or I'mma gon' cut you!  If however, it it profound and meaningful I might forgive Diablo for Juno.

I also found Diablo's comments about Megan Fox to be interesting ... )

Neither of them really do it for me, but  ... click here if you would like to see Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore kiss.  The pictures pretty hot actually.  Drew looks way into it, lol.  Also, so not gonna help the gay facts rumors Ellen Page.  Oh, and you can see more pictures of them both from the photo shoot at the source.

Megan Fox in more detail on why she doesn't think she'll ever do nudity on film. )

And speaking of Teh Jovovich ...  SHE'S IN TORONTO NOW TOO!  Jesus God, please let me run into her or Mega Foxy on the weekend when I'll actually be able to get out!  *sigh*  I've actually got tickets for some pretty good screenings, but goddamn I wish I had been able to get tickets to a movie with one of them in it or Cracks.

I am now going to go and watch Warehouse 13 (there better be some quality Leena in this one PTB!) and then the skies the limit!  ... ... not really, I'm probably gonna read some more of Valley of the Dolls and then go to bed at a reasonable hour because I have to work in the morning *sob*!
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Most have probably seen this already, but this is one of the funniest interviews I've seen from Megan (in fact she's so awesome in it that former haters have become grudging likers because of it) so I have to share.

I will honestly love her forever, for dropping winners like this:

Interviewer: Do you have any aspirations, do you ...
Megan: Do I have aspirations? *gives him a look and pauses for a second* I don't know, do you have a will to live?

LOL. Seriously, I love this girl.

More MTV behind the scenes and my random thoughts behind the cut ... )

UPDATE:  HOLY FUCKING SHIT!  MEGA FOX IS IN TORONTO RIGHT NOW!!!!  (If you click on the link, beware for BAG is in the pictures as well, lol)

I needs to make my way to Yorkville!

(God, I'm so lazy, it's like a ten minute walk away and I'm acting like I'll need to pack provisions)

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Oh hey, it's Morena Baccarin being the HBIC and wearing a fancy suit!  Seriously u guise, seriously.  Her face is impeccable.  It's like a work of art.  I honestly believe that I could look at this picture for an hour and be completely entertained. 

Oh, and to try and make posting this picture somewhat relevant, here is some information on the temporary shutting down of the new V Series.  I hope the retooling really is a good sign.  I was worried when I first heard about it, but reading that the pilot got really good reviews makes me feel better.

Not only will Summer Glau be on our television screens again but so will Lena Heady!  Please ignore the picture at the beginning of the post.  It looks shopped.  She's going to play Cersei (like the name, like the name) on HBO's "Game of Thones".  I have no idea what this show (or the books its based on ) is about, but I am a shallow viewer and don't need to know.  I will watch for Lena (and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau)

Click the link to see the rest of the stunning pictures of Megan Fox in Wonderland's 18th issue, shot by Mariano Vivanco.  She really is ridiculously good-looking.

Jennifer's Body ET featurette (with the Jennifer/Needy kiss).  Probably everyone's seen this already, but there it is anyway.  And another Jennifer's Body behind the scenes featurette.

Milla Jovovich + Aliens = Me there.  Check out the trailer for Milla's new movie "The Fourth Kind" here.  Firstly, Milla makes for a very sexy doctor.  I'd make up all sorts of shit to have her counsel me.  Secondly, the movie looks delightfully freaky.

And here's some pictures of Olivia Wilde being fabulous and sexy as sin!

And now it's the Free Stuff section of the post! )

And now I shall go back to mourning the end of summer and the return to work :(

Edited to post pictures of Olivia Wilde and videos of Megan Fox GoGA

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OMG!  Fucking amazing!  I feel like this sneak peek was made just for me!  Echo/Claire deliciousness abounds my friends.  Abounds!

Um, angry, angsty Claire amazingly delicious.  Suck on that lolly, you sexy, angsty beast!  Also, that flashback scene with the hair stroking ... *melts*

The Obligatory Megan Fox Section of the Post )

Natalie Portman being a Face!God )


07 - Atticus (NEW link)

CLICK!  CLICK!  Seriously, CLICK!  It's fantastic.  Download it, listen to "Every Now and Then" and you will immediately want to listen to everything else on it.  I'm a little in love with this, right now.

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Megan Fox News! (I know you've all been waiting for updates!!!)

Megan Fox Challenges Players on Xbox Live August 29th
(I'm not even a gamer, but for some reason the fact that she is, and is good enough that she would play against the Comic Book Guys of the world, is hot to me.  There's nothing better than a nerdy hot chick!)

Mega Fox and Amanda Seyfried, this featurette is two times the fun! )

Megan Fox to play Catwoman?
(I love her, but NO!  I boycott any suggestions of actresses for Catwoman that are under 30 ... unless it's Eva Green.  If it's Eva Green I won't be able to speak let alone boycott anything because I'll be too busy crying and weeping with happiness and joy.)

I made this wallpaper

click pic for large version

of Audra MacDonald and Anne Hathaway yesterday, and I can't stop staring at it.  I haven't found Anne Hathaway smoking hot since that TV show she did with that guy from Breaker High.  I like Anne Hathaway, and I thought she was adorable in Devil Wears Prada, but I have never swooned over her like I swoon over these pictures.  Not only do I want to re-read Twelfth Night, I also really, really, really wish that a film version would be made of this Anne/Audra version of the play.  The fact that they remind me of these two

image by [livejournal.com profile] la_esmeralda_ 

only makes it that much better and OTP-ish and lovely for me! 

I've kind of constructed an elaborate fantasy in my head, where Morgana leaves Camelot to learn about her magic and how to control it, but after becoming this power sorceress she realizes that she feels empty inside.  She left Camelot to explore a part of herself, but she left just as necessary a part of herself behind in Camelot, and so she heads back to Camelot disguised as a young noble man so that she can win Gwen back and then run away with her.

Won't Arthur, or Uther, or Merlin or a number of other people recognize her, you may ask?  The answer is NO!  If glasses can fool people into not recognizing Clark Kent as Superman, then a haircut can fool people into thinking Morgana is a dude.  And if need be then she can just add an extra air of mystery about her by wearing a kato style mask.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON OF MERLIN!  And the promo pics I'm seeing for Season 2 are just fanning the fire!

Merlin S2 Promo Pics and Picspam )

I was finally able to customize my desktop theme thanks to this website!  Horray!  Now my computer looks like this

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it .... I'm laughing. )

OMG! Pictures of Kristen Stewart where she look super hot instead of stoned and annoying ... actually she still looks stoned.


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That's right, it's everyone's favorite super-heroine ... MEGA FOX! )


I am.  I mean, this does mean that I am going to have to watch an episode of SNL - which is a truly frightening idea.  But, getting to stare at Megan Fox for 45 min., is a big incentive to put myself through such torture.  And, since Megan is pretty naturally funny, she should manage to put on a good show (and since it's the first episode of the season, the writers will probably have put in their best work so the skits might actually be funny).  Plus, there'll be a new digital short, and those are usually good comedy.


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THEME MUSIC!  [Ryvainka]That girls laying down.  That's so random.  Random.  There's gum on my shoe.  That's so random.  Random.  I'm getting hit with socks.  That's so random.  Random.![/Ryvainka]

So, moving on ...

Here's "A Message From Megan Fox"

The way she says, "For just being different" and the expression on her face slay me. 

I'm with Megan!  Fuck'em.  They don't know shit!

Deathly Hallows promo shots ... Bellatrix invites you in! )

Picture of the youngest HBIC, Ms. Dakota Fanning, lookin ... )

Also, I went to do a google image search to find an image of Emma Watson's modeling shots to make a Dakota>>>>>>>>>>>>Emma picspam, but once I saw Emma's modeling shots, I couldn't do it.  Bitch is actually pretty fierce when modeling.  I think that fierce editorial shots are the only medium in which I enjoy and appreciate Emma Watson.

Emma Watson doin' something right ... )

Continuing with the Harry Potter theme of the poast ... she is my young Narcissa Malfoy to a 'T'. )

I'm probably the last person on the planet to see it. But this ... )

Interesting fact ... if you are high looking at this picture can make you laugh for literally three minutes straight.

For some reason I just thought of Ivy Tamwood, and that prompted me to search for pictures of Kelly Hu ... so here are some pictures of Kelly Hu! )

And, I think that's it for now folks. 

I hope random poast was random.


Aug. 11th, 2009 12:27 am
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Okay now that I've got you're attention ... step forward and have a seat, for I have a wondrous tale to tell!

It starts with two manfriends and I just getting back from the sketchy part of town which we trekked to in order to successfully buy some weed (not from some random, don't worry.  A teacher recommended him! lol!  Seriously). 

We got the weed.  We left the sketchy part of town.  We smoked the weed.  And then I watched a video that had Olivia Wilde dressed up like Baroness!

The End (it turns out this was a pretty short tale.  *shrug*  What can you do, that happens sometimes)

But you can stay seated, because I'm posting this wonderful motherfuckin' video right here on my LJ!  That's right, RIGHT HERE ON MY LJ!

It's called THE BALLAD OF G.I. JOE  (majestic isn't it?) and  it's like the funniest thing I've seen in a while (not counting I Love You Man which I saw a few days ago, cause that was some wicked funny shit as well!)

Feast your eyes and ears on this people!

There's a bunch of famous mutha's up in the vizzy.  For example:
Alexis Bledel as Lady Jaye
Billy Crudup as Zartan
Zach Galifiankais as Snow Job
Tony Hale as Dr. Mindbender
Vinnie Jones as Destro
Julianne Moore as Scarlett
Alan Tudyk as Shipwreck
Olivia Wilde as The Baroness

Well, these are the people I care about anyway.  There are more like Chuck Liddel (barf!  Retire already!), but I don't care to mention them.

Now let me leave by saying ... clarinets have NEVER been so sexy.  Seriously.  I want to go to a clarinet jam now, and just party hardcore.  I wants it.  I wants it bad and I wants it now.  Clarinet me up!

CLICK IT! I DARE YOU! YOU CHICKEN! YOU SHIT! CLICK IT! ... .... did you click it? CLICK IT! If you don't click it that means you liked Scarlett Johansson's CD! CLICK IT! )

Also, if I can't have Megan Fox, and Olivia Wilde can't have Megan Fox, and if some other random chick can't have Megan Fox ... what I'm saying here, is that if Megan Fox has to end up with a dude, is that I would LOL 4EVER and probably love it hardcore if she was with ... )

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Then I watched these! )

After watching this, I decided that 1990s and early 2000s (basically, pre-MILF Milla) would have gotten along fabulously with my pretend girlfriend.  Ahh, damn you world!  It's crazy, I'm getting into too many cracky pairing. 

Now I wish that there was a story about Megan Fox finding a time machine and traveling back to the 90s to try and make it in a less paparazzi filled Hollywood.  Once there she meets Milla Jovovich and ends up living in her commune for starving artists and assorted weirdos.  From there they embark on this big, glorious love affair.  When not sexing like mammals on the discovery channel, they smoke lots of weed together, do crazy interviews that only half make sense, watch old movies together and read each other chapters of Dostoyevsky before bed.

*dreamy sigh*

Also, if you want some lulz, watch Milla's music video The Gentleman Who Fell.  It is awful, but she looks amazing.  Back when there was a Beavis and Butthead, I remember them watching this video and talking about how god awful it was, expect for the hot naked chick in it, which consquently made it the best music video ever.  And that is so true.  Milla being hot is the only thing that redeems it.  Plenty of lulz though, plenty of lulz.


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Title: The Proposal
Author: Janine
Pairing: Megan Fox/Olivia Wilde
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don’t own them because they are people.
Summary: It’s been months since Megan and Olivia met for the first time in that hotel bar, and Olivia has a proposal that could give them more time together than a few hours in the future. Sequel to Of All The Gin Joints In All The World. 

The Proposal )

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