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I mean, I know it wasn’t Mad Max: Fury Road level of feminist amazingness (there weren’t enough female characters for it to rival Max Mad: Fury Road), but it avoided a ‘forced romance’, had a strong bond based on mutual respect between the male and female lead, and Ilsa Faust was just as fierce, skilled and competent as her male counterpart. Ilsa Faust was, in two words, utterly amazing.

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Seriously, Rebecca Ferguson stole the damn show, and Ilsa was amazing on like every level. Let me just list some of the things that I loved:

1) I loved that Ferguson actually looked powerful. Like she looked really fit. She was muscled. She looked strong.  Based on the other roles I'd seen Ferguson in I never would have pegged her as a potential action star, but boy was I wrong!  Damn girl!

2) Her characters fighting style was perfect for taking on opponents who were generally much bigger than her (like Nikita and Black Widow)  Not everyone can be Buffy, or Wonder Woman or a vampire or infected with the T-Virus or something that makes them super-strong, so I really love it when you see female characters using their size, their speed, agility, lower center of gravity, etc. to their advantage in fight scenes.

3) The character was mysterious but also layered and human. Like I kept waiting for the typical Hollywood bullshit, where she seduces the hero, despite herself falls for him, is forced to betray him because despite seeming badass she’s actually just a helpless puppet, and then she dies in an act of “redemption” and to give the hero more rage/motivation to defeat the villain. But mercifully we were spared that cliche and just given this awesome character who throughout the whole movie was actually always trying to carry out a mission she believed in, while maintaining a moral code, all while surrounded by enemy.

4) I will never be over the epicness of casually saving Hunt from falling off buildings, jumping out of moving vehicles and dusting it off, that aquatic rescue scene, that motorcycle chase scene, not to mention I will love her forever for taking off her high-heels when she needed to be in formal wear but was called upon to run/jump/kickass.

Like Ilsa Faust was just fucking amazing, Rebecca Ferguson played her to perfection, and I just need more of everyone loving the shit out of this character, because she embodies so much of all of my favourite female badasses.

I want need Ilsa Faust to get her own franchise.  I need her to be the new lead of the Mission Impossible franchise (like Jeremy Renner took over the Bourne one). Or give her her own franchise.  I don’t really care, I just need to have this character, and this actress playing this character, on the big screen again!

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