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The return of my abominable cold and it robbing me of my ability to breathe (and speak without sounding like Elmer Fudd)
Lost Girl sucking hardcore
2602 views of fic translating to 5 comments
Endless piles of work

= a complete and utter lack of motivation to write and lots of motivation to nap forever.

In other news, I watched The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

And it was as wonderfully cracky and ridiculous as the trailer made it seem.  Louise Bourgoin as Adele is stunning, hilarious and badass (she rides an mother-frakking Pterodactyl people!)Adele is like Evie from The Mummy movies only bitchy and French, or like Lara Croft if she was kinda goofy, bitchy and French, which is to say that Adele Blanc-Sec is sexy, awesome, smart, kick-ass, bitchy and French.  Also, Adele's Morgause-esque dedication and inappropriate love for her twin sister Agathe definitely endeared her to me.    

Anyway, if the trailer and/or shallow review tickled your fancy ... you can get it here!
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So I just finished watching Lip Service and I am shocked and awed because I actually enjoyed the hell out of it!

This show has been referred to so many times as the British The L Word so many times, that the thought of watching it nearly made me break out in hives.  I fucking hated The L Word, passionately, fervently hated it.  There are no words to describe how much I came to detest that show.  So, consequently I viewed all of the trailers and promos pics for Lip Service with the same incredible loathing and dripping contempt with which I viewed all L Word related media.  

I honestly had to talk myself into watching this.  Like I had to give myself a pep talk.  "Come on champ!  You can do it!" might have appeared sometime during my mental positive re-enforcement parade.  But I did make myself watch and ...


More thoughts on Lip Service behind the cut ... slight spoilers )

I honestly don't even know what to do with myself, all liking the characters and rooting for relationships that I'm supposed to.  I feel like I've just seen a unicorn or something.  My heart ... it is effulgent with joy!
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Solid episode.

Thoughts behind the cut ... minimum amount of spoilage )

Looking forward to next week, though I am displeased that I didn't see Lauren in the promos.  I'm hoping that this is just shoddy promo-making however, because I am not a fan of only getting to see my darling, she who lights up my life, my sun and stars, my one true love Dr. Lauren every other week. 
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Director/Writers: Atom Egoyan, Erin Cressida Wilson

Cast: Julianne Moore♥♥, Liam Neeson♥, Amanda Seyfried♥

Plot Outline: A doctor hires an escort to seduce her husband, whom she suspects of cheating, though unforeseen events put the family in danger.

Genre(s): Drama | Thriller

Certification: USA: R

Download LinkHere! (700mb, .avi)

Notes:  I haven't watched it yet so I can't comment on the quality of the film, but it has Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried in it making out which is more than enough of a reason for me to post it! 

Watched it, loved it! More spoiler-free squeeing behind the cut ... )
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Review of The Runaways

So.  Good.

First of all, Dakota Fanning is amazing.  Always.  In everything.  I own Push because of her.  Push!  And she owns this movie.  Yes, it is a little uncomfortable watching her strut around in like a corset and garter, and to see people taking pictures of her crotch, but Cherie was 15/16 when all this was going on so feeling uncomfortable is a good thing.  But, back to Dakota.  Stunning, magnificent, wonderful.  The change you see Cherie go through is heart-breaking, but expertly portrayed.  

Second of all, KStew.  Now, ya'll know I've been tough on KStew since the whole Twilight thing started, and honestly, justifiable so because she sucks in those movies.  This movie however reminded me why I used to like Kristen.  It has to be said that she's no Dakota Fanning, she didn't blow me out of the water, but she was good here, and really quite charismatic and moving in some scenes.  The scene where she freaks out in the recording studio was really good.

And now the thing everyone cares about *drum roll* The Joan/Cherie plot-line!  )

And now it's time for me to spend the afternoon listening to the soundtrack while marking *sob*  God, I hate working.
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I saw Alice in Wonderland in beautiful IMAX 3-D last night.  It was a fun little adventure and visually really stunning. 

Helena Bonham Carter is the official HBIC
of the film.  She really does steal the show.  Not only did I find the Queen of Heart hilarious, I also really sympathized for her.  Even with that planet sized cranium and Lady Gaga lipstick Helena managed to infuse the Queen with a lot of humanity.  I felt like if someone had just given her and her huge head more hugs as a child that all of Wonderland's Underland's problems could have been avoided.

Anne Hathaway was HBIC in training.  I was skeptical about the White Queen based on the few glimpses of her we got in the trailer, but she ended up being my second favorite character after the Queen of Hearts.  She was also in a lot more of the movie than I thought she would be which was nice.  Kudos to Anne for the way she made the White Queen move so delicately, but also managed to make her creepy as hell and intimidating at certain points.  I also have to say, that was not expecting The White Queen and Alice to be so femslashy together.  I loved the White Queen wanting Alice to be her champion and then dressing her up in flashy pants suits and sparkling armor.  And the two of them exchanged some looks that were just, 'oh get a room you two!'

Mia Wasikowska did a really good job as Alice too.  For the most part her role was a lot less flashy than the other roles in the movie, but when Alice decided to get her Muchness on, Mia was really able to step up and became quite engaging.  Plus, she was very good at making eyes at Anne Hathaway.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable movie.

TBH though, one of the best things about watching Alice in Wonderland was  ...


*shaking and crying*

That movie looks sick as hell!  Honestly, I didn't even really love the first TRON and I was fangirling like crazy.  And ladies!  LADIES YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!  You get your first look at Olivia Wilde in the movie, and she is glorious.  Seriously, it's like think of how hot Olivia Wilde usually is, and then like triple it.  She's lying coquettishly on a couch people.  That image is seared into my mind.  I cannot believe that this movie does not come out until December.  The wait makes me want to cry.
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I enjoyed the first seven of Black Magic Sanction.  Well, I enjoyed chapters 2-7 of Black Magic Sanction.

(Click here to read)

Rachel ... and I can't believe I'm typing this ... Rachel Morgan has gotten smarter.  Seriously, like chicha has actually matured and is on occassion displaying good judgement in this book.  I mean she's still kind of dick at inopportune times, but compared to her previous dickishness she's a fucking wallflower this book (and when she is a dick it's often actually amusing instead of aggravating, ex. her busted, can't even walk ass being all like, "that's Ms. Morgan to you").

More thoughts on the chapters behind the cut ... No Spoilers )


Before reading this I honestly couldn't imagine genuinely being excited for the continuation of this series and I put off reading these chapters cause I was sure they were going to piss me off ... but I am very pleasantly surprised.

Warning:  To  ye who do not read through all of the comments.  My enthusiasm for the book has been thwarted.  I am back in RANT mode.  The first seven chapters are a smoke screen and rant inducing shenanigans follow. 

Buy/Read this novel at your own risk!
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Oh, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief

... how you underwhelm me.

*le sigh*

Logan Lerman is too baby-faced for me to find him unf-worthy, so thank god the hot pieces of ass below were in the movie to keep me interested.

The Good )

Speaking of 'how you gon' do that?', let's move on the

section ...

The WTF )

Overall, it was honestly a pretty entertaining if uninspired movie.  My friend who hasn't read the books really liked it, which leads me to believe the major source of my displeasure is how far the movie strayed from the storyline in the books.  I mean, watching this was really like watching a Harry Potter movie where Voldemort didn't exist.
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Because I totally would have watched it before this if I knew that:


That Dr. Laura Baker and Eve would have this Jennifer/Needy-esque tragic love affair!

I doubt the director will ever come out and be like "yeah, they were doing it" like Karyn Kusama did with Jennifer's Body, but Laura totally had a girl-boner for Eve and in the end Eve proved how much she totes loved Laura too.

I mean these movies are ridiculous, don't get me wrong. I saw Species when I was like 13 and the only thing I remembered about it before watching the series this weekend was that Natasha Henstridges boobs made me gay. Honestly, I remembered nothing about it other than her being naked a lot and being really, really hot ... and I was pretty sure that she was an alien or something, lol.

Still, as dumb as they are the movies (I and II at least, III so far is suffering due to the fact that there is no Marg, Natasha was only in it for like five minutes and her boobs didn't make an appearance, and the fact that Robin Dunne *shudder* is in it) are as entertaining as they are ridiculous and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

It's likely that only about three people will read it, but there will be fic for this pairing soon. I know, of all the things to inspire me to actually write after this dry spell it's Species II fic. Species II. If I wasn't so happy to have finished a piece I would be disappointed in myself.

Download link and info behind the cut ... )
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Jennifer's Body was totes worth the wait!

The movie is legit good.  Aside from being a Megan Fox fan!girl, and being thrilled by the fact that Megan can act, the movie is just a blast!

And ... and .... and ... Megan Fox can act!  I'm so proud of my, bb.  She creeped me out (Holy fuck, who knew eating a chicken from the fridge could be so freaky!), made me laugh out loud (a lot), gave me a wettie, and managed to break my heart (depressed!Jennifer made me want to hug her with the same powerful intensity that sad!Ivy makes me want to hug her). 

Megan stole the show for me.  Amanda was awesome (as she always is), but the movie was the Megan Show for me.  She was luminous on screen, she perfected bratty charm, and she fucking killed the one liners (even ones that probably shouldn't have really worked like the, 'Do you have a tampon?' bit).  Every time Jennifer was on screen it was impossible to look away from her.

And now to talk about what everyone on my f-list is really interested in, lol.  The Needy/Jennifer make-out scene is one of the hottest I can recall seeing.  I don't know if it was how intimately the scene was framed with the close-ups on their lips, or if it was the way Needy collapsed on top of Jennifer so eagerly when she realized that she had been given an invitation or what, but that scene = JIMP.  Like, major JIMP-age.

Needy/Jennifer is totally my new ship of pain.  They were so beautiful together and so tragic.  DAMN YOU ADAM BRODY! (AND YOUR AWESOME HAIR AND GUY-LINER).

I'm gonna stop talking now because anything else would just be random sounds of happiness.  My love for this movie is still to fresh to really be coherent right now.
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And it is cracky gold ya'll.  It's basically a [livejournal.com profile] trancer21 fic, only America Olivero is playing the Michelle Rodriguez role! 

This was B movie magic, bbs.

Foxy69 invites you to read more about Bitch Slap! behind the cut ... )

In conclusion, this movie was pure cracky goodness.  I will own this when it comes out on DVD.
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So, I just got back from seeing it and the movie was  .... pretty okay.

But I am the choosen one ... thoughts behind the cut )


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I just read Dead Witch Walking, the first book in the The Hollows/Rachel Morgan series and I absolutely loved it!

Fast-paced, interesting, funny, and OH SO GAY.

IVY TAMWOOD (who totally looks like Katie McGrath in my dreams) IS SO TOTALLY MY NEW VAMPIRE GIRLFRIEND!  OMG I love Ivy like 'whoa'.  She is dreamy.  And she is so totally p-whipped already.  My god, she would totally curl up in a vampire ball at Rachel feet and lick her toes if Rachel would stop frontin' would let her.  The epicness of Ivy's love for her almost breaks my brain.

Rachel!  You iz so stoopid.  Hawt vampire wants to have your babies.  STOP FRONTIN!  You know you want it Rachel, give in.  It's okay to feel that way about your vampire!roomate, nobody will think less of you.  Ivy's a catch.  Let your love speak it's name. 


Y so can't see what's standing right beside you, Rachel?  I mean, Ivy made drinking orange juice romanticOrange juice and MAPS!  MAPS for the love of god!  How is it possible to make maps, sexy?  I don't know, but Ivy does it!  Clearly that is not a woman you want to let get away.

I feel like I should add something about the plot and the characters and the world Kim Harrison created because they are wonderful and fantastic, but I've got a one track brain right now and I'm completely incapable of doing anything but drooling over Ivy Tamwood and the gay that is she and Rachel.

Anyway, I'm totes getting the next book tomorrow and am excited for reading the rest of the series.

Thanks for the rec f-list.  I know it took me a while to get around to actually reading it, but you were right and I blow internet kisses to you all!

*goes to enjoy last 48 hour of freedom*

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So, I just got back from Stardust and I must say that I throughly enjoyed it. I've read the novel and thought it was wonderful, but I wasn't sure how it would translate to screen, but they did a wonderful job with it. The script was smart, and extremely funny, there were some very nice action sequences, and the film looked amazing.

Michelle Pfieffer was radiant. Brandon kind of ruined the, 'newly young Lamia poses naked in front of the mirror and checks herself out' scene by whispering "I've never seen anyone so happy to be middle aged", but Michelle continued to rock throughout the whole movie so I didn't care. And seeing Lamia just made me bemoan that Michelle is American, because omg-she-would-be-so-perfect-for-Narcissa-Malfoy!

Charlie Cox was wonderful as Tristan. I swear to jeebus that there is not a more huggable actor on the planet. Seriously, every time he smiled I cooed like I was surrounded by puppies and bunnies and babies.

Claire Danes, who I'm usually indifferent to (unless she fighting so called snakes on so called planes) was radiant and sassy as Yvaine. And I have to had it to Claire, she managed to have subtext with almost every female character Yvaine exchanged words with. Good job, Danes!

Sienna Miller who well cast as the vain and self-centered Victoria, and Henry Cavill was perfect as the handsome, douche-y bully, Humphrey.

And finally, Robert DeNiro kind of stole the show as Captain Shakespeare. Yes, it was a little over the top, but I found that storyline really sweet, and touching (ARRR) and ultimately I think Captain Shakespeare was presented in a very positive way.

Also, there was a nice cameo by Ricky Gervais, and he even got to deliver the line "Are you having a laugh?" which sent me off into gales of laughter, much to the annoyance of those around me I'm sure since this audience didn't seem like they'd be into Extras.

And now for the gay ... beware of spoilers )
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So, I just got back from Transformers and it was not the complete and utter mess that I was anticipating based upon the trailers (which I didn't think were that great).

In fact I pretty much enjoyed it!

Autobots and Decepticons oh my! - Slight Spoilers )

So, yeah, overall a pleasant mindless viewing experience. If you watched the cartoon growing up, and like action movies and pretty people I would totally recommend it.
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Movie Review: The Hamiltons

Okay, so I just got through watching a movie called The Hamiltons, and I absolutely floved it. I don’t want to gush too much about what I loved about it, because it’s one of those movies where if you know too much about it before going in it kind of ruins for it you. Like how I just thought The Sixth Sense was ‘okay’ cause one of my asshole friends told me Bruce Willis was dead before I saw the movie! Asshole.

So I’m not going to be an asshole and ruin it for you.


Every Family Has Secrets  )


The Hamiltons seem to be an ordinary American family, living in a small town in Northern California and dealing with the problems of everyday life. They've also been recently adjusting to the untimely death of their parents. David Hamilton, the oldest, has taken it upon his shoulders to pick up the responsibility for the orphaned family. Twins Wendell and Darlene are darker than the other two siblings and have become more conniving in the past few months. The youngest and most sensitive of the family is Francis. Francis recently found an old video camera his parents owned, and is using it to work on a school project about his family. It's through Francis' eyes that we soon get to know the Hamiltons and realize that there are much more disturbing elements lurking below the surface of "ordinary."


The movie, directed by a duo credited as “The Butcher Brothers”, is not a typical horror film so much as a really cool thinking person's horror film. On a rather limited budget, The Butcher Brother (whom I hope to see more work from) managed to craft a good old-fashion, creepy, psychological scare fest that packs some pretty powerful shocks while using minimal - but effective - gore and make-up effects (kind of like those great creepy atmospheric movies from the 70s, only it doesn’t test your gag reflex every fifteen minutes).

The family in the movie really is the definition of dysfunctional, and its fascinating watching them navigate through the mundane everyday problems and issues that most people can relate to, coupled with their unique situation.

I thought the story was engaging, and I was creeped out by, fascinated by, and surprisingly enough by the end touched by the family. After twenty minutes, I WANTED to see how and why this family was so screwed up.

Cory Knauf gives a solid performance as Francis, the young man that has so much to say, but cannot. He really shows how torn Francis about his family and the isolation that is felt by many teens struggling to find their place as they hit adulthood. Mackenzie Firgens gives a performance as twin Darlene who is deliciously vicious and sexy at the same time. And I though that Samuel Child had some really great moments as the responsible, repressed, oldest sibling David who is struggling valiantly to try and hold things together but is increasingly frustrated as everything seems to be spiraling out of control.

I highly recommend that you give it a watch … and then comment here so that I have people to squee about it with!

P.S. I'd stay away from the imdb message board for the movie until you see it because some ass put up spoilers for it in the title of their post)

Here’s the link for The Hamiltons (2006) – Torrent File. If you have trouble with the torrent file let me know and I'll upload the movie to sendspace :D

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