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Hating on Twilight is totally like crack for me.  It just hurts so good.  I can't stop the LULZ!

Head's up [info]trancer21 this shit's for you!

sweet sweet anti-twilight powder behind the cut... )

LULZ brought to you by the insane geniuses at [livejournal.com profile] rpattz_trufax 

Honestly, this stuff justifies Twilight existing.  Well, this stuff and Alice (I love you boo!)

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"Twilight" ramblings ... *hangs head*  I can't believe I just wrote that.
So it makes absolutely no sense that I'm following the production of this movie considering I haven't been able to finish reading the first book yet (if I have to read about Edward's "topaz eyes" or about how he "dazzles" Bella one more time I'm going stab somebody ... hard ... and someplace vital!), but I am following it for some masochistic reason. 

Okay, that reason is my vampire fetish and probably more so Robert Pattinson's pretty since I had no desire to read the books before he was cast even though I knew they were about vampires.

In any event ... Here be the Cullens )


-  Robert looks delicious.  As usual.

-  Why, why, why does Hollywood insist on casting very good-looking brunette actors/actresses to play blondes?  I'm sorry, there are very few people who can rock all shades of hair and look good with them all.  Not everyone can be Rachel McAdams, ya'll! 

If you hire a brunette because they're the best actor for the role just leave them brunette.  Peter Facinelli was not made to be blond (though he probably pulls the look off the best of the three).  Ditto for Nikki Reed, and for Jackson Rathbone (the other bottled blond in the pictures).  They are all stunning brunette's and weird looking blonds.

- Why is everyone in bulky jackets except for Elizabeth Reaser and Robert?  It's because they're the sexiest, isn't it?  I wish I was so hot that the elements had no effect on me.

- So, yeah that 's pretty much it for thoughts since I haven't finished the first book and can't really make any meaningful comments on the casting (and really, I'm okay with that).


I really hope they start casting for the A Great and Terrible Beauty movie soon, so that I can start obsessing about that, since I actually like those books.

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