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I mean goddamn!

(click the .gif to see the whole clip)

Julianne Moore, directing a submissive Blake Lively in a lesbian photography shoot, with spanking, and Blake giving Julianne Moore one of the most wide-eyed, innocent schoolgirl looks I've ever seen!  Sign me up.  Sign up me!

I don't even know what the hell is going on.  Why is Blake is getting spanked by Silhouette (in a top hat) while Julianne Moore takes pictures and and has really sexy chemistry with a submissive!Blake?  I don't know, and I don't need to know because, "Spanking is hot, hot spanking," - that is all I know on earth, and all I need to know."

Megan Fox being sexy and adorable ... )
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So, I'm sure pretty much everyone has seen these pictures by now, but I am helpless to stop myself from commenting because they are so fucking hot.

I mean honestly, holy god these pictures are hot ... and kinky as hell. )

In other news ...I continue to severely enjoy Megan Fox when she rocks the 1950s look. )

My mind is full of Bleighton-y goodness right now, but one other coherent thing I can think to mention is that I just saw Death Becomes Her, and not only was I delighted to find if wonderfully femslashy, but it made me fall in love with Meryl Streep even more (as every role I see her in does.  The woman is amazing, and gorgeous, and I don't care if she's old enough to collect social security, I would hit like the fist of an angry god if I could!)
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Gossip Girl - 'Desperately Seeking Serena' pics (no spoilers) )

[Possibly wrong, dirty, bad (or is it crazy, sexy, cool?) thoughts behind the cut. Just in case]

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BLEIGHTON! Surprising, I know. It's been a long time since I mentioned Bleighton, let alone posted something about them. But ... well, I thought it was time ;)

For more Bleighton-y goodness check out
this post at [info]sapphire_magick's page (you know you wanna hear Leighton refer to Serena and Blair as a couple, and see Blake giggle like a schoolgirl when asked about Leighton)  AND check out the new community [info]bleighton_squee

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I want Rhona Mitra to do terrible, terrible things to my body ... repeatedly.

As far as I'm concerned, Rhona Mitra is now the ultimate badass female action movie star.

*looks at Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale and shrugs*

As for the movie itself, it was ... beautifully retarded.

That's a compliment, by the way :D

Doomsday is B movie making at it's best. It aims to deliver a fun, mindless, thrill-ride by shamelessly ripping off any movie it can (Mad Max, Mad Max: Thunder Dome, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Tomb Raider, The Chronicles of Riddick, just to name a few), and a fun, mindless, thrill-ride is what is delivered.

The movie does not wink at it's audience trying to convince them of how clever it is, and it's not weighted down with attempts at postmodern cleverness. It's just kickass action scenes (it has one of the best chick fights in recent memory), one-liners, Rhona Mitra looking criminally hot in her black tank-top of invincibility, exploding shit, and blood. It is highly illogical, there are plot craters, character development is non-existent and it is full of WTF moments, but I found it to be completely and utterly entertainingly.

It's like Planet Terror only better.

So, in conclusion Doomsday was no The Descent (which I have an insanely amount of love for), or even Dog Soldiers for that matter, but it was a fun, kickass movie, with a dead sexy ass kicking female lead ... and really, what more can you ask for?

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The return of Gossip Girl is a thing of beauty.  I don't know why there are so many on set photographs taken for this show, but I thank powers greater than myself for the fact that there are.

Now, onto Leighton keeping it real being adorable...

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I just bought a copy of Cosmo girl! because Blake was on the cover, and there were three gorgeous pictures of her inside.

I was all like "I hope my little sister likes this" in line. I'm an only chiiiiiild!

Seriously, is there like Bleighton AA or something?

Oh, who am I kidding, I love it! Addiction is so much fun.
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This woman calls herself "Jess Manafort" but I shall refer to her as nothing but Leighton!Stealing!Hussy or LSH for short.

Pictures of LSH in action!

Warning: The images below could be upsetting for Bleighton fans ... view with caution!

At the Gossip Girl Premiere of Bleighton eye-shagging! Really Leighton, how could you? )

If this was Blake Leighton totally would have been gazing deeply into her eyes! )

*feels unclean* Must wash horrible LSH images out of mind ...

A little Bleighton to make us all feel better ... yeah, yeah, WAY more chemistry... )

Leighton seriously considering jumping Blake in the middle of an interview ... niiiice )

And the cutest couple award goes to... )

Leighton being all like 'pictures are nice, Blakey but can we go home and slip into something more comfortable now'? )

Aw, GG cast being adorable, pretty, dorks!

Random cast shot - The GG cast is SO NOT gangsta and prove it! )

Um, yeah this post was mostly just an excuse to look at Leighton and Blake pictures. But in an attempt to make it seem like it had a point ...

*narrows eyes* I'm watching you LSH! With BOTH eyes! *points* Stay away from the Meester (unless it leads to a sexy cat-fight with Blake ... which would be cool)

Update: Gaytastic Waldsen pics from 1x08 courtesy of [personal profile] novak_fan

OMG! These pictures are breaking my brain ... and by breaking my brain I mean making my brain think all sorts of lovely sexy thoughts! )
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I apologize f-list, but the obsession demands satisfaction!

And the adorableness that is Bleighton continues. Not only can they not seem to stop touching each other (is it just me, or is Blake's hand resting like directly over Leighton's boob?), but they've now also taken to sharing articles of clothing. Yeah for candids!

Battle of the Sexy Jeans

Blair's outfit looks cute, Serena's looks ... well she's lucky Blake is so hot

Notice the boots! And you know that it's Blake and Leighton sharing the boots and not wardrobe because during the candids while they were shooting Blake was in blue heels. Aw, Leighton lent Blake her comfy boots, best girlfriend ever. J'adore!

Also, I can't say why but Leighton walking around with those shoes in her hand is utterly adorable for some reason. I really don't know why it is, but it charms me. Also, it looks to be like Blake is asking "you wanna come over tonight?" and Leighton is like "uh, yeah".

Also this picture because once again Leighton is looking at Blake like she's the greatest thing in the world.

And this picture cause who doesn't like a girl that will laugh like there's no one (but her sexy girlfriend) watching

Ah, sorry Penn, we've got plans tonight. Three would be a crowd type of plans. Blake totally agrees with Leighton.

Oh, it looks like someone is trying to win the 'Best Butt' award from Blake.

Mad propz to [livejournal.com profile] novak_fan for all of the awesome links, especially the one to leightonmeesterfan.net which I will now be checking regularly for Bleighton goodness :D
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Seriously, how awesome is the TRL interview with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. (download link - courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] dancersbitch, thanks!)

I mean, Leighton answering for Blake when asked what music she was listening to and totally outing Blake as a Daughtry fan was awesomely couple-y.

But Leighton Meester insinuating that she and Blake shower together took the cake.

No seriously. After Blake gives the gaysexual entertainers favorite answer to the 'who are you dating' question, "I don't talk about my personal life", Leighton follows it up by responding to a question about her singing abilities by saying that she only sings in the shower. The kicker is that when the interviewer asks her what the last song she sang in the shower was she turns to Blake and asks her "What was the last song I sang?"

Um, Leighton ... do you and Blake often shower together? Please say it is so!

Of course Blake isn't dating Penn Badgley, she's too busy showering with Leighton and generally being adorable and ridiculously good looking.

Seriously, this was a good day for female celeb RPFS. First those gaytastic pictures of Hayden and Kristen Bell and now this. Keep it up girls, keep it up!
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... just got a little better after watching Gossip Girl and Damages.

Oh GG, how I love thee. I've always been kind of 'meh' on Leighton Meester, but after watching this weeks GG I love her! She's so fabulously douchey and wonderful as Blair. Seriously, Blair greeting Jenny in her see-through white robe and micro nightgown, and then inviting Jenny upstairs to 'help her change', her ass in Jenny's face the whole time they were going up the stairs only to then prance around Jenny in her frilly underwear, before lounging seductively on her bed while seducing Jenny over to the dark-side was such good fun. Not to mention the fact that she left Serena staring after her longingly as she ascended the stairs in her see-through robe a scene earlier. Honestly, Serena looked broken hearted, and really if Blair decided that she wasn't going to snuggle with me on the couch and watch Breakfast at Tiffany's while we ate croissants like we always used to, I'd be pretty broken hearted too. Note to Blake: Gay it up, Leighton's stealing your shocking pink thunder!

All in all, episode two of GG was far more entertaining than the pilot and I'm looking forward to next week. Kelly Rutherford doing her best impression of Julie Cooper was also awesome. I do love my fabulously bitchy women.

Damages also started out in the most deliciously gay way as well. I always kind of shipped Ellen/Patty, they totally remind me of a TV version of Miranda/Andy (only I think Patty Hewes might actually be MORE devious than Miranda Priestly, which is quite an accomplishment), so the episode opening with Ellen and Patty sitting closely together on Patty's small couch as Ellen looks over at her tenderly was the bestest.

Patty: He called off the engagement?
Ellen: (gazing over at Patty) Maybe we went to far. (slight pause and more gazing) Do you regret what we did?

Don't be silly Ellen, she could never regret making sweet love to you! The only thing she could regret is that it took you both so long to realize how you felt about each other.

In all seriousness though, this show continues to rock. Glenn Close is brilliant, and I'm liking that Rose Byrne is getting a bit more to do with Ellen now. I have to say that I really want to know what's going to happen though. Stop teasing me Damages, no more foreplay!

And on a final note, I'm now completely hooked on The Devil Wears Prada Miranda/Andy fic. I've been gorging myself on it and I cannot get enough. I've even watched the movie again twice now since reading [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname's When in Doubt, Wear Red. The obsession is so sweet, but I'm going into withdrawal now. I need moar!

Edited: Because I forgot to mention that I also really liked the Dirty Sexy Money pilot. "I hate you!", lol. That was a fun first episode. "I had aaaaa scotch!" oh, Karen. I already love Jeremy, Karen, Juliet and think that the storyline with Billy Baldwin and his transgender lover, Carmletia, is sweet (*loves Candis Cayne*)

Blake ftw!

Sep. 19th, 2007 07:54 pm
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Blake Lively looking fucking fierce at the Gossip Girl Premiere Party

Blake Lively lookin' like ... holy moly... )
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Oh Canada, my home and native land!  You give me poutine and Gossip Girl a day early and I love you for it. 

I'll admit straight up that the only reason I tuned into this was because I have a mad!crazy girl crush on Blake Lively and because the trailer infected by brain it's use of billboard hits *Glamorous glamorous*. 

That being said, it was alright and I'll probably keep tuning in.  I'll admit I didn't love it as much as The O.C. pilot, but it was fairly entertaining.  Plus, I love Serena van der Woodsen (Lively), I just like saying the name actually, it's so extravagant *hugs the name*, and Dan so far is like a less annoying and grating Seth Cohen which is nice, because you know ... it's not with the annoying and grating.

Also, Serena and Blair bonding over drinks at the Palace bar  has totally given me a reason to ship them.  Blair was so jealous ex-girlfriend and Serena the reformed and repentant philandering ex who just really wants her boo back.  [Kirsten Bell] Will these two hotties find a way to work things out? [/Kristen Bell]  They will in fanfic when they admit that Nate is really just an inadequate substitute for each other!

I have to say I didn't love the gossip girl voice-overs though.  Yes, I know the show is helping to employ Kristen Bell, but she's got the Heroes gig now, and the voice-overs were really annoying and unnecessary.  I can see Serena getting off of the train, I don't need you to tell me she's getting off of a train.  I can see Serene and Blair are having a heart to heart, I don't need you to tell me they are.  At times it was like Painkiller Jane level hand-holding.  I'll admit however that the 'teen lingo' used in the voice-overs probably grates on my nerves because I'm almost a decade out of high school and would prefer it if people didn't speak MSN lingo.

Also, I read an article that talked about how the actors/actresses names are just as ridiculous as their characters names, and it's true, which endears the show to me for some crazy reason (ex. Blake Lively = Serena van der Woodsen, Leighton Meester = Blair Waldorff, Pen Badgely = Dan Humphrey, and then there's Chace Crawford in there as well.  Awesome.)

Overall thoughts, it'll probably hold my attention for a season (which means a season of looking at Blake Lively, and this I can deal with).
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Blood and Chocolate

Plot behind cut )

This book is sooooo good. I couldn't put it down, I read it in like two days (and only stopped because I had to proctor some exams and didn't want my students seeing me reading a young adult novel, even if it was a totally kick-ass one).

If you've seen the movie and didn't like, or were rather ambivalent to it don't let that taint you from the book. The book is really nothing like the movie at all, and all of the things that bugged be about the movie were completely absent from the novel. The only thing they really have in common are the names (and not even the relationships), and the term loup-garou. The novel is so much better

It's a fun, sensuous, supernatual ride, that's engaging and well written (subtle and lovely character development that had me wishing for something I totally didn't expect by the end of the novel). It's a quick read, and from the first pages you totally get drawn into the world of the loup-garou, and their concerns and struggles and relationships. Plus, I defy you not to fall in love with Vivan. She is awesome ... and in my head looked like Blake Lively )



Description: After a drug-dealer (Angus Mcfadyen) abuses his girlfriend (Milla Jovovich) one too many times, she seduces her friends into killing him.

Mixed feelings about this one, there were some really good moments in it, and then some that were not so good - I'm over the camera as 'confessional' thing, and at times they movie tried too hard to be quirky and shocking which gave it an odd tone at times - but overall I think it's worth watching.

Milla Jovovich (who was looking absolutely stunning, better than she has since like 'Dazed and Confused') turned in an excellent performance. Milla Jovovich, I've always felt CAN act. I thought she was absolutely brilliant in "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" when she had some really meaty, really dramatic material to work with. Since then I've mostly seen her in action movies of varying quality, which she's usually good in even if the movies are shit, but she had a chance to show off her acting chops here and show them she did.

More on .45 )

Also, Milla Jovovich has love scenes with both the Aisha Tyler and Sarah Strange characters if you're at all interested.

If you're a Jovovich fan I'd saw this is definate must see, because she's radiant and acting her ass off, and in general I would saw that it's definately worth the watch.


Good, very good movie. Unusual, but extremely capitivating. Ben Wishaw is exceptionally good as Jean Baptiste Grenault, a man born with an extraordinary sense of smell, who becomes obsessed with the idea of learning how to capture the small of people so that it can preserved for all to enjoy. I won't say much more because it is a very visual, and emtional movie and honestly I can't really think of how to descripe why I like it so much without taking away from the magic of it.

Prey - a.k.a. Bridget Moynahan fights lions while Robocop worries.

Description: An American family on holiday in Africa becomes lost in a game reserve and stalked by lions.

Um, there's really no reason to see this movie unless you really want to see Bridget Moynahan in a tank top kind sorta not really fighting a lion. Most of the movie takes place in the back of a jeep (no not like that!) which Bridget having to babysit the world's sleepiest boy and the world's most annoying angry!teenage girl while being sweaty in a tank top. Also, she's married to Robocop.

Not good. Only see it if staring at Bridget Moynahan for an hour and a half can keep you entertained no matter what she's doing, or if being irritated is fun for you.

[livejournal.com profile] trancer21, you could have a lot of fun mocking this one. It's really one of those movies where you're like "so much ammo, so little time".

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