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... because I thought this looked good, and I'm actually actively anticipating this movie now. 

I'm pretty sure every cool thing they showed in the trailer will only happen in like the last ten minutes of the movie (and the rest is just gonna be a redux of New Moon with KStew in a bad wig plus bonus whining about marriage), but *sob* the trailer looks good.  I know it's a bait and switch, but HBIC Dakota Fanning, and Flipping over Giant Wolves Alice ensure that I will see it.  Fake-Ass Victoria continues to make me sad though.  I miss you Rachelle!
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So, I was dragged to see this on opening night, which meant I was surrounded by people who genuinely enjoy all things Twilight. That was a trippy experience for sure. I was killing myself laughing throughout things that other people were swooning over, and I was cringing throughout parts that had most of the theater clapping and cheering. Thank god, I was there with hater friends who supported my mockery.

Verdict: Well, it’s better than Twilight that’s for sure. Though, I'm not sure that's really saying much ;)

So yeah, this movie was tolerable and even enjoyable at some parts. I'm never gonna go near Twilight again, but if you gave me alcohol I could be convinced to watch New Moon again sometime in the future (though I don't plan on paying for it again).

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Oooooh, lawd. Won't someum save the chill'un from theyselfs! )

In other news, I have finished watching Legend of the Seeker I remain deeply turned on by it in love with it. I'm so glad that the second season in starting this week (and that Cara is pretty much looking like a regular)!  After the massive infusion of LotS I gave myself yesterday, I'm really jonsin' for another fix!

And because I mention LotS, here's a video of Kahlan being all sexy and Mord'Sith-ified! )

OH DEAR LORD THIS MOVIE LOOKS BAD!!! Here's the Birthday Party Scene for NEW MOON )


Denna vs. Cara - Diva

Introducing Mistress Denna

Introducing Mistress Denna's Agiel
*danger!  Panty dampening reaching critical levels! *wee ooh wee ooh wee ooh*
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This picture turns me on ...

Also, I know [livejournal.com profile] ic1pher has been missing the Megan Fox posts *exaggerated wink*.  She is the most interesting woman in the world, after all.  Her media coverage is expanding faster than the universe.  She once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.  Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.  She lives vicariously, through herself.  She does car commercials... in Japan.  She could punch you in the face and it would be awesome.  Her blood smells like bacon. And, one time she met John Stamos on a plane and he told her she was pretty.  So ...

drunken Megan Fox talks about wanting to hit Olivia Wilde like the fist of an angry god, not banging RPattz, inventing lesbianism, Korean Mountain wine, and wanting to be pwned by Joan Jett ... )

I'm sorry, this post only exists because I'm really, really hyper for no reason at all and I couldn't help myself.
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Lurking Ashley Greene is the cutest ever. I feel like she's about to jump out of a birthday cake or something ... which would be awesome!

And now, to try and make this post relevant in some way ... uh ... uh ... I'm happy to see so many set pics of Ashley and so many pap shots of Ashley and Kristen. Because that means that Alice IS going to be in the movie as much as she should be, and that we're going to get some quality Alice/Bella time on screen.  It also kind of makes me want to write KStew/Ashley Greene (Greensten?) RPFS, which is strange since I never felt the urge to NikkiStew despite their epic gayness for each other. It's probably my shallowing ficcing. I just want to lick Ashley all over and would ship her with anyone with boobs  - and Jackson.

This makes the Bella/Alice shipper in me happy. Now let's just hope that KStew can conjure up an expression or two while on screen with Ashley so that my boo doesn't have to do all the work.
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OK!: How does Alice change in the sequel?
My character’s going to be a good 60 percent bigger in the second film.

I don't know how I feel about this ya'll. On one hand, more Ashley being awesome, but on the other hand, it means more Twilight. )

(Full Interview - with cute pic of Ashley as Alice)

Also, LJ folks here's the link to my dreamwidth journal, which[personal profile] angharad_gov luckily pointed out I hadn't included in my first post.

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Ashley Greene being ridiculously hot ... seriously people you can kind of see nip ... )

I love myself/I want you to love me/When I'm feelin' down/I want you above me/I search myself/I want you to/find me/I forget myself/I want you to remind me/

I don't want anybody else/When I think about you/I touch myself...

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Best. Gif. Ever behind the cut ... )

*be right back ... touching myself*

Seriously, I can watch this over and over and over again.   Ashley Greene rocks.  Alice wants it so bad, she can sniff it taste it!  She is totally like ... "oh, oh, OH ... I came." (warning: link is totes nsfw)

Just a hint of Bella's blood has her creaming herself, and this is why Alice needs to train, lol. 
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In the words of the great philosopher Dorota, "Don't forget: God always watching Miss [Nikki]"
Also, in regards to promise from earlier ... )

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MediaBlvd:  For those that are still somehow unfamiliar with what Twilight is, can you talk about who you play in the film and how your character fits into the story?

Ashley: Alice Cullen is the sister of Edward, who’s in love with Bella.

Your honor, the prosecution rests.

The rest of the interview
(the paragraph where she goes on to talk about Alice's personality is pretty interesting, and my Bellice shipper heart squees even more, because in that huge ass paragraph, Ashley talks about Bella and Alice being BFF and doesn't mention Jasper.  At all.)

And now ... NikkiStew! )

Nikki, ICU creeping back there!

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New Twilight footage from Mexico

(Alice enters the scene at 0:57 and exits at 1:37 in case you want to skip the "acting" that comes before/after her entrance)

There should have been a cheek kiss, but I think Ashley Greene brought as much gay to the scene as she could with KStew doing an impeccable impersonation of a 2x4 opposite her.  Seriously dude, Alice is all like "well, I'll see you soon", leaning towards Bella like she wants to rub up against her like a cat in heat, and Bella's all like "okay" in the most monotone voice ever.  UGH!  KStew's voice is the worst.

Ashley Greene is pretty much perfection from what I've seen so far though.  I'm digging her as Alice.  *coos*  She's cute as a button, that one.

All in all, this movie is gonna be so awkward.  I am going to be cringing my way through it.  I thought reading the book was bad, but hearing the horrible dialogue and seeing the awkward situations in motion is totally worse.  The only thing that I'm actually looking forward to is Alice (and since she's like the one good thing that I've seen about this movie, you know she'll like hardly be in it *sigh*).

P.S.  Is it just me, or does Jasper look majorly constipated?  Like Mexicana night at the Cullen's went horribly wrong or something.  I mean, I know he was a soldier, but in this clip he looks more like a soldier who really needs to poop.

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